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Money matters

In general, you revenue decreases when you retire. Old-age pension payments (AHV) and occupational retirement pensions (second pillar) usually cover 60-70% of your previous earnings. 

Before you reach retirement, you should think about these questions: 
  • What do you plan to do with your occupational retirement pension (second pillar)? Do you wish to receive a lump sum or regular payments?
  • Will your pension payments and savings be enough to maintain your present standard of living?
  • What will be your fiscal situation?
  • If you hope to take early retirement, will your savings cover the period before retirement payments begin?

Get the whole picture

You can ask the state old-age pension fund (AHV) for a copy of your account and an estimation of your future payments. 

Please note
If you wish to receive a lump sum payment of your accumulated pension, you must respect the fund’s deadlines. Ask your employer for information. 


Pro Senectute provides financial advice to senior citizens.

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