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Staying active

On reaching retirement age, you are free to continue working or to take another job. If you leave work and wish to stay active, you can become a volunteer on many projects and activities.

Paid work

If you stay in work after retirement age, you must continue to contribute to the national Old-Age pension fund.  


You can choose either to wait before receiving your pension payments, or to receive epsnion payments while working. 


When in work, you can wait a maximum of 5 years before you start receiving your pension payments. Your contributions during this period will increase your pension payments later.


If you choose to receive your pension payments while working, you only pay pension contributions on earnings above 1,400.- per month (16,800.-per year). These contributions go into a common pension fund and do not increase your pension payments. 


Voluntary work

Many retired people choose to take up voluntary work. This could be informal help in the community (babysitting, driving, visits and companionship) or a formal position in a voluntary organisation.


Volunteering benefits both the charity and the volunteer. As well as working for a good cause, it means involvement in your community, discovery, challenges and meaningful activity.


All formal volunteering in Switzerland is recorded in a National Volunteer File, in order to monitor, promote and evaluate work achieved. Many non-profit organisations apply standards for their volunteers which include providing a copy of the volunteer file. 


Volunteer work is unpaid. However, it should cost nothing to the volunteer and reasonable expenses are reimbursed. 

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