Living in Switzerland – Information and counselling online  

One-to-one advice

If you need advice or information about a problem you are facing, you can send an email in your own language via the website. Trained Migraweb staff and volunteers provide free, confidential and individualized advice in response to email queries. You can choose to remain anonymous. However, we recognise the importance of face-to-face contact. Our service provides support and advice and does not replace specialized legal or medical counsel. We advise any person facing serious difficulties or risk to contact qualified professionals.

Write to us with your question and we will reply to your first email within 48 hours. If we cannot respond in time, we will write and tell you when you will receive an answer. For an immediate response, you can call the Helping Hand (Die Dargebotene Hand / La Main Tendue) on 143. This is a 24-hour telephone advice line for anyone in distress, available in all Switzerland and Lichtenstein in German, French and Italian. 
To send an email, first register on line, and read our terms and conditions of use, then send your message in your language.

Online counselling