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Migraweb is maintained by the association Web for Migrants (WFM). WFM is a charitable organisation registered under articles 60 onwards of the Swiss Civil Code. The association is politically neutral and secular in character.

The partner organisations of WFM are the Swiss migrant umbrella associations Forum for the Integration of Migrants in Switzerland (FIMM), Centre Patronal Lausanne and Berne and Sociolution Network, a social management specialist. Our online advisers receive training from the advice line Helping Hand (Die Dargebotene Hand / La Main Tendue).
WFM aims to promote the integration of migrants and refugees using communication and information technology and is committed to e-inclusion - ensuring that migrants can access and benefit from new technologies. In particular, in close collaboration with our members, WFM runs the website, which provides information and counselling online in migrants’ mother tongues. 

Supporting migrants' independence and empowerment

Migraweb aims to assist migrants in their efforts to understand and participate fully in life in Switzerland. To achieve this, we collaborate with a network of well-established migrants who, as volunteer translators and online advisers, give their time to assist and inform members of their community on all aspects of living in Switzerland

A networking project

Migraweb is a platform that brings together migrant community associations with other charitable and community organisations in Switzerland (tenants’ associations, consumer groups, youth and community groups, senior citizens’ associations, trade unions, professional and business associations etc.) as well as with government agencies (Office for Migration, Office for Integration, and local authorities).

Through the information pages and online advice, the services and operation of public and private organisations are made transparent and accessible to migrants. 
In addition, Migraweb is a networking tool for migrants and their organisations. The agenda page, where migrant associations can advertise their activities and events, allows groups to encounter each other and to coordinate on a regional or national level. 

Integration services and courses

The multilingual database of integration services allows organisations that provide advice and hold courses, workshops, drop-ins and other services for migrants to advertise their work in migrants’ own languages. Charities, associations, non-governmental organisations, support organisations and local integration offices can enter their services into a multilingual search engine which migrants can use t o find the service they require without linguistic barriers.


Project manager

Ursula Dubois

Project Coordinators

Brigitte Gonzalez, French-speaking Switzerland

Zhengi Cam, FIMM

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